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Squirrel Skunk Possum

Have an uninvited guest that just won’t go away? Raccoons, opossums, skunks and squirrels are usually this type of guest; they just don’t know when to leave! Most people will deal with this problem on their own and in an inhumane way but we know better than that!

Most of the time these animals are only looking for food, shelter, or just for a place to give birth. At Zorro Pest Control llc, we have a solution that we will not harm the animal and that certainly does not require extermination. Our animal trapping experts are experienced in dealing with raccoons, opossums, skunks, and squirrels; they will capture and handle the animal without hurting it. Once captured, we find a new home for this un-welcomed guest that is; of course very far away from your place of residence or business. We will create a win-win situation; you win because your pest problem is resolved, and the animal wins because we find it a new home, where it will be happy! Inspection, exclusion of access points, are all key elements of a successful Trapping Program. When performing a treatment we assure you that your home or businesses will be free of these and potentially damaging Animals.

Professional live animal trapping and removal is what we offer. The types of animals that we capture are the nuisance animals living in or around your home.We take the captured animal to a remote location and release it; Don’t you just love happy endings? Call us today!

Our goal is to provide excellent Pest Management while protecting the environment Call us for more details about our Animal trapping program