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Termites are often confused with ants, this is because they are typically the same size and live in colonies, because of you might spot a termite colony and not know it! many people do not realize they have a need for termite extermination services until it is too late, at which point the cost of termite control will be very expensive! Termites are very destructive, they cause billions of dollars in damage each year; without any form of termite protection they can be a real problem!

Termites primarily feed on wood, but have been known to also eat away at paper, insulation, and living trees. If you happen to spot a termite, chances are there is a whole swarm of them hidden underneath a nearby building or between the walls. Why not let Zorro Pest Control llC do a termite inspection at your property today? We are experienced in Exterminating Termites and getting results you can see!
We utilize the latest chemistry to provide control of Termite infestations, usually involving a combination of one or more methods of treatment. These include, but are not limited to: baiting, foaming, liquid treatment, or any combination thereof. Keep in mind that the cost of termite control is always lowest when the problem is detected early, call us today!

Our goal is to provide excellent Pest Management while protecting the environment Call us for more details about Termite Control Service