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We provide a wide range of services to help you keep your home or business free from pests and their damaging effects.

Wildlife Control

Quite often, you might get an unexpected visit from someone from the wilds. And these visits are not always welcome, given the threat to health and property that they pose. Wild animals like raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, snakes, or skunks sometimes accidentally make their way into your homes. Although they do not deliberately want to harm you, they may feel threatened by human presence and may cause harm to defend themselves.

These animals need to be evacuated from your home without causing them any harm while also keeping you and your family safe. These animals may scratch or bite the residents of the house, which can spread diseases, and in case of venomous creatures, may even be fatal.

Apart from a threat to your health and life, these animals may also cause damage to your property. Some of these animals dig up your garden to create burrows, leave behind droppings everywhere, and create a mess around your property. Some other animals, such as skunks, leave a terrible odor when threatened, which can be another nuisance.

When to panic?

Sighting wild animals in the wild can be a surreal experience, but having them in your home or your backyard, not so much. Some of these wild animals can be a bigger risk than others. Some can be chased away easily, but some others cannot.

If your home is invaded by any of the following animals, you should call for professional help right away:

  • Snakes – Almost everybody is scared of snakes. Their bites can be fatal if they are venomous, so better not take a chance.
  • Skunks – Skunks are notoriously infamous for their defense mechanism of emitting a terrible odor when threatened.
  • Raccoons – Raccoons can be very difficult to chase, and they do carry diseases and parasites on them.
  • Bats – The worst thing about them is that they fly around, causing more of a threat of biting or scratching.

Other animals are also a cause of concern and need to be relocated.<

Whom to contact?

If you are facing an animal invasion in your property in Houston, Texas, contact Zorro Pest Control. We are a licensed pest control and animal control company. Our experienced team can help you get rid of these unwanted guests, causing no harm on either side.

Contact us today for details.


The most common rodents infesting people’s homes are rats and mice. These pests are some of the bigger pests, when compared to the insects, and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Damage of property is not the only concern, though, as they are also carriers of numerous diseases.

Rats and mice usually appear and reside in your storerooms where you probably keep your groceries or stock any foodstuff. They also tend to live in other parts of the house that are not frequented by you, such as the attic, garage, roof, or vents.

These pests cause a lot of damage to your property. Thanks to their extremely sharp teeth, they can chew away at anything, from food grain to plastic furniture. The biggest risk is rodents chewing at electric wiring in your house. They also leave behind their droppings in places they frequently visit. Areas infested by rodents smell very foul. These pests also carry diseases which can be passed on to humans or animals if bitten by them.


How to detect rodent infestation?

Rodent infestation is usually quite easy to detect. Rodent activity in your house will be evident as these creatures are bigger and cause a noticeable nuisance. Look for the following signs:

  • Torn or bitten sacks of food grains or other foods.
  • Waste food from the trashcan lying around in probable infested areas.
  • Rodent feces around the house.
  • Foul smell coming from closed areas of the house, such as the attic or closed cabinets. The smell is usually very peculiar, and you can easily tell it is because of rodent activity.
  • Bitten or damaged electrical wiring, furniture, flooring, or drywall.


How to control rodent infestation?

Controlling rodents with drugs available in the market is not a very effective method. There are chances that these pests won’t fall for it, and even if they do, there are chances that they might die inside the house in some inaccessible part, causing you more trouble later.

Get help from a professional pest control service instead. Zorro Pest Control is a licensed pest control company in Houston, Texas, which specializes in rodent control. We have years of experience in all kinds of pest control treatments, which are effective and long-lasting.

Fire Ants

Ants can be a big concern for most households. These tiny creatures may look harmless but can do a lot of damage as they usually come with an army of their own. Ants are gregarious insects, meaning that they live and work in communities. If you have seen one ant in your kitchen now, there will be a hundred more in a few hours.

Fire ants are a common variety of ants that are generally brown in color and quite small, though there are different sizes of worker ant in every ant colony. Fire ant colonies produce large mounds in open areas, feed mostly on small plants and seeds, and often attack and kill small animals. Fire ants sting and induce a toxic venom called solenopsin. To humans, this sting feels painful with a burning sensation. It can even be fatal to sensitive people.

The red imported fire ant is an invasive species of fire ants in the United States, Australia, China, and Taiwan. It was supposedly introduced to these countries via shipping crates from other countries.

How to identify ant infestation?

Ant infestation should usually be easily visible. Look for the following signs:

  • Large mounds of earth in your lawn or garden. There are usually more than one such mounds.
  • Mounds of earth next to the base of your home’s foundation.
  • A line of fire ants walking across the floor or your kitchen top can lead you to a possible site of nesting.
  • Small patches of dug up earth near your home’s walls or doors.

How to stop a fire ant infestation?

The health hazards posed by fire ants are serious, and these pests have to be eliminated. Getting help from a professional pest control company is usually necessary and effective. We, Zorro Pest Control, are a licensed pest control company based in Houston, Texas, having valuable experience in eliminating all kinds of pest from homes and offices. We can help you get rid of fire ant infestation from your home effectively. 

Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are useful insects. Bees produce honey and pollinate flowers and plants. Wasps, on the other hand, prey on harmful insects and thus protect crops from damage.

However, these insects can be a threat to humans. Bees and wasps will not usually come in your way if they do not see a threat to their colonies. But having a swarm of bees or wasps nesting outside your window or in your backyard can be a huge risk. They may feel threatened by your normal activities and misinterpret your actions as threats. Under such a situation, they instinctively attack you.

Bee or wasp stings can be extremely painful and may even prove fatal to individuals who are allergic to the sting. Each year, nearly 50 to 100 people die from bee or wasp stings in the US.

Some species of bees and wasps are solitary, while others are social. The solitary ones live on their own and build their own nests. These are not much of a threat to humans as they don’t easily attack. The social ones live in colonies and build hives. These species are more of a threat as they are always trying to protect their swarm and the queen. If they see any kind of potential danger, a hoard of them will attack to defend the colony.

How to spot bee and wasp infestations?

A large hive or a nest would be easy to spot. If you see an increasing number of bees or wasps flying around your house, there has to be a nest somewhere close by. Look for a nest around your house. These nests are usually built in a void or hollow space in your walls, or the eaves, or maybe on a nearby tree.


How to control bee and wasp infestation?

Trying to evacuate bees and wasps from their nest before destroying it, is a very risky job to do on your own. Contact a professional pest control service that specializes in bee and wasp control to take care of it. Zorro Pest Control is a licensed pest control company in Houston, Texas, which is experienced in bee and wasp control. For a safe evacuation of bees and wasps from your property,


Birds are pleasant beings, we agree. But not  always. There are some species of birds that are a threat to your crops and fruits. Birds can also be annoying and harmful pests, just as insects. In urban areas, the most common pest birds are pigeons, house sparrows, and the common European starling.

These flying pests are not federally protected in the US due to their large numbers and no natural predators. These birds are potential carriers of a large number of diseases. Their droppings are a nuisance due to their corrosive nature and the mess they create. Apart from this, they usually build nests very close to your living area, in the eaves of your house or near windows, and the continuous noise and disturbance can be annoying.

To get rid of these issues, bird control often becomes necessary.

How do pest birds cause harm?

Pest birds like pigeons, sparrows, and European starlings may look endearing and harmless. To some extent, they are a delight to watch and are good to look at from afar. But having them invade your home’s space is not something you would want.


Pigeons – These are the largest of the pest birds. They feed on any kind of grains and pulses that humans eat. Though otherwise harmless, pigeons can create a lot of mess around their nesting area. They also don’t fly away easily and tend to return to their nesting areas even when shooed away. They are known to carry lice, fleas, and ticks, which may be transferred to humans.


House sparrows – House sparrows may be cute to look at, but they can be quite a nuisance. Their sharp chirping is a huge disturbance for the residents. They feed mostly on grains but may destroy your garden in search of food. They can even contaminate livestock.


European starlings – Starlings are beautiful birds but can often cause a ruckus. They always fly in flocks and can cover an entire area like your lawn or your roof. Their droppings not only create a mess but may also transmit germs and spread disease.


How to employ bird control?

The best way to control pest birds is by calling in a professional bird control service like Zorro Pest Control. We are a licensed pest control company in Houston, Texas, with experience in eliminating pest birds from homes and warehouses, without harming them.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs get their name due to the fact that they usually live in the corners and crevices of your bed. That is because they depend on warm-blooded animals for their survival.

These creepy crawlies are extremely tiny and brown in color. Their very small size makes it difficult to spot them easily. They are transferred from other places into your home through your clothes or other personal items. These bugs are usually present in places that are damp, unhygienic or receive no sunlight.

Bed bug infestation can be really bothersome. These bugs bite you in the night when you are asleep to feed on your blood. The bite itself is not painful, and you may not know of it till much later. In a few days, though, rashes begin to appear in the bitten spots, and intense itching may occur lasting up to several days.

How to identify bed bug infestation?

Bed bug infestation usually occurs when someone travels from a bed bug-infested area to your home, be it you or a visitor. Some animals may also be carriers of these bugs.

If you have bites on your body that have turned red and itchy, then your bed is probably infested. Look for the following signs.

  • Bloodstains on the sheets or your nightclothes.
  • Shed skin of the bugs or dead bugs on the bed.
  • Red swollen welts on your skin.
  • Intense itching near the rashes.
  • Multiple bites in a straight line.


Any of these signs could mean that your home is infested with bed bugs.

How to control bed bug infestation?

Bed bug infestation is indeed very difficult to contain or control. Because these bugs remain hidden during the day, by the time you realize there is an infestation, they grow in numbers beyond your control. The best solution is to contact a professional pest control company. For residents of Houston, Texas, Zorro Pest Control offers its services in bed bug control. We are a licensed pest control company that specializes in all kinds of pest control. Our experience in pest control could save your day.


Termites are very small insects that can cause big damage to your home and property. Termites work silently and build colonies with thousands of workers that can ruin all your wooden furnishings and furniture. Termite damage repair is one of the major costs of maintaining a home in most places.

Termites are usually very small, and they constantly eat away at your wooden components without you even noticing till much later. The worker termites feed on the cellulose in the wood. They usually build nests in the form of mounds of earth outside or narrow mud shelter tubes on trees or walls or other surfaces.

These little insects can cause a lot of damage to your home. They hollow out wooden doors and windows, making them weak. They also feed on wooden furniture, turning them creaky and ugly. Termites even dig up the soil in your home’s foundation to build nests, making the foundation weak.


How to identify a termite infestation?

Signs of termite-induced damage will be visible everywhere if your house is infested with termites. Look for the following to be sure:

  • Dried wood fecal pellets at the base of doors or windows.
  • Hollowed wood in the doors, windows, flooring, or furniture.
  • Mud shelter tubes running across the walls of your house, inside or outside.
  • Flaky or blistered wooden components.
  • Mounds of earth near your foundation or in the lawn.
  • You can also hear a constant grinding sound coming from termite-infested wood.


How to control a termite infestation?

Termite infestation control is very difficult to manage on your own. Though there are products available in the market, you do not know how deep the problem runs, and so, DIY methods may be ineffective. Contact Zorro Pest Control if your home in Houston, Texas, is infested with termites. We are a licensed pest control company with substantial experience in termite control as well as other pest control treatments.


Mosquitoes, though small, are probably the most dangerous of all pests in any house. We all know the dangers of mosquito infestation. The tiny flying pests are not just annoying, to say the least, they are equally deadly. Mosquito bites can transfer several different deadly diseases to humans and animals.

If you live near uncovered water bodies, or in areas with heavy foliage nearby, the chances of mosquito infestation in your home are much higher. Mosquitoes usually breed in water and damp, unhygienic areas.

Mosquitoes are known to carry several different diseases, including malaria, Zika, dengue fever, and many others. Certain mosquitoes can pass on these diseases to humans and animals while feeding on their blood. Most of these diseases are high-risk ones.
Some facts about mosquitoes

Here are a few facts that you should know to prevent mosquito infestation and protect yourself from the deadly sting:

  • If you have been bitten by a mosquito, it is usually a female mosquito.
  • Female mosquitoes need the protein in your blood for breeding and egg development.
  • Mosquitoes lay their eggs in open water bodies. These could be anything from a puddle on the street to gutters to your garden birdbath.
  • Not all mosquitoes carry diseases. There are certain species that carry certain specific diseases.
  • Mosquitoes can cause epidemics if not kept under check.

How to control mosquito infestation?

Mosquito infestation is a very common problem in most parts of the world. Every corner of the world has mosquitoes except Antarctica and some polar regions. Controlling mosquito infestation can be done by different methods, but the best option is to get help from a professional pest control service. For mosquito infestation control in Houston, Texas, contact Zorro Pest Control. We are a licensed pest control company with experience and expertise in mosquito control, among other pest control treatments.


Cockroaches, more commonly known as roaches, are the most common household pests. Probably every household has one or two of these beetle-like creatures running around in the kitchen or the attic. Cockroaches are considered to be nearly indestructible, as they can tolerate a wide range of climates and environments. They are one of the oldest creatures on the planet; so you know how difficult it would be to get rid of them.

A cockroach infestation can be harmful to you as these insects usually reside in dingy places and garbage bins. They can contaminate your food if left open and spread several diseases.

How to know if your home is infested by roaches?


Cockroaches usually hide in dark and damp places during the day and come into action during the night, looking for food while you sleep. If you doubt that your home is infested by roaches, look in the dark corners of your kitchen, bathroom, or storerooms. Also, check the corners and gaps in any wooden cabinets or boxes.


Also, look near the garbage bin, under the kitchen sink, and in closed cabinets.


How to control cockroach infestation?


Cockroaches are very difficult to kill with over-the-counter insecticide sprays or powders. They usually remain hidden during the day, which makes it all the more difficult. A professional pest control company, like Zorro Pest Control, can help you get rid of roaches for good.


We are a licensed pest control company in Houston, Texas, with experience in cockroach infestation control. Our methods and products are effective and long-lasting. We carry out a detailed examination of your home to ensure that no hidden roaches are left behind and your home is free of pests. Once you get your home cleared of cockroaches, you wouldn’t have to worry about them for a long time after.


Fleas are very small, wingless insects that are usually reddish-brown in color. Though these insects do not have wings, they can travel by jumping long distances. Your pets usually carry fleas into your house. These pests attach themselves to your dog or cat’s fur and continue living on their skin like a parasite.

Fleas can be harmful to the health of your pets and can be a nuisance to you as well. Fleas cannot usually attach themselves to human skin, but they can still bite you and feed on blood. Flea bites may cause red, swollen marks that are itchy. Pets infested by fleas usually show symptoms like lethargy and reduced appetite.

Getting rid of these pests is very difficult as they multiply fast, and eliminating all of them from your pet’s fur is next to impossible, without proper medication.

A cockroach infestation can be harmful to you as these insects usually reside in dingy places and garbage bins. They can contaminate your food if left open and spread several diseases.

How do you know if there is a flea infestation?

In the initial stages, it might be difficult to detect a flea infestation. But with time, the signs become more noticeable. Look for the following symptoms:

  • Your pet is continuously scratching or licking its fur, which is not otherwise common.
  • Bite marks on your or your family members’ bodies and persistent itching.
  • Adult fleas, which are bigger and more visible, on your floor or curtains or pet beds.
  • Flea eggs and larvae on the carpet, sofa, corners, and grooves of cabinets or any other hidden area.


How to control flea infestation?

Controlling flea infestation on your own is a nightmare. Even if you remove fleas from your pet’s fur using medication prescribed by the vet, they will still come back, as the eggs and small fleas may be spread all over your house in hidden spots. The best way to get rid of fleas for good is by treating your entire house against these pests. Contact a professional pest control service for this. For residents of Houston, Texas, Zorro Pest Control is your solution to this flea scenario.


We are a licensed pest control company that is experienced in flea control and can effectively eliminate fleas, or any other pests, from your home.


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